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Becoming a Real Ghostbuster

May 28, 2020 4:07 pm


Although it may seem to some people like the fictional films, ‘Ghostbuster’, ghost hunting has really taken off in real life! Old buildings, towns and points of historical interest are all places where you are likely to find some real ghost hunters, also known as paranormal investigators. Of course, they are normal people, not armed with ectoplasm guns like the film! When not ghost hunting in draughty buildings they enjoy a warm home (no draughty windows – more like windows from this double glazing Tewkesbury based company!), and usually have a regular job, as well as investigating spooky goings on!

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So, if you are interested in the paranormal and want to take up ghost hunting where do you begin? Well you could start off by joining in with a ghost hunt. These are usually arranged and can be found on sites such as this. They vary depending on how many people there are and where the investigation is being held. Some even offer the chance for the very brave to stay overnight!

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If you have a taste for it and want to set up your own ghost hunt, there are a few things that you will need.

  • A Flask of tea or coffee – as many haunted places can be quite chilly, especially in winter, this is an essential for keeping warm and hydrated.
  • A battery-operated Voice Recorder – Many paranormal investigators use these to record as they investigate, as often they can pick up EVP (Electronic voice phenomena)
  • Infrared thermometer – These can detect the temperature fluctuations in a specific area of the room rather than a normal thermometer that just records the rooms general temperature.
  • Portable motion sensors – Like a home security sensor, these can detect movement in parts of a room.
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