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Construction waste – what is it?

October 26, 2020 1:53 pm


Construction waste is the result of demolitions, excavations and building works. This waste cannot just be removed to landfill. The Waste Regulations Act of 2011 means all waste must be correctly managed and disposed of responsibly.

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There are many different types of construction waste, with most of it being considered ‘inert’. This includes materials such as bricks, concrete, stone and soil. However, there will also be a variety of other materials that could include:









Insulation (including asbestos)

Coal and tar

Knowing what is in your waste is important, so you can work out whether it can be recycled, reused or salvaged. It also allows for the waste to be separated properly for removal. For more information on Grab Hire Cheltenham for your waste removal, visit a site like Telstar Grab Hire

For construction businesses, reducing the amount of waste created is important. It is vital to consider if any materials can be reused or recycled. A legal requirement is to follow the waste management hierarchy – reduce, reuse, recycle, dispose.

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An audit is a great way of discovering exactly what waste your business produces, how much and why is it produced. This could identify areas where processes can be changed, for example.

A key way to reduce is to keep a closer eye on what your purchase. By refining planning skills, you should be able to avoid excess buying. Reusing materials that can be repurposed for future jobs is also an important factor.

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