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Do you need a carer?

June 15, 2020 2:13 pm


You might be thinking that it’s time for some help around the home. Perhaps you are finding it tough to manage with your daily routine, finding it hard to wash, put clothes on or get out to socialise or shop.

You might be considering home care services if you have no desire to go into a care home. If your home is safe to reside in and you wish to remain, adaptations can be made to make life easier for you. Find out more about Live in Care Bristol at a site like https://www.liveincare.com/live-in-care-near-me/live-in-care-bristol/

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How can I benefit from homecare?

A care professional visits you in your property and assists with a wide range of activities including:

Getting up

Bathing and putting clothes on

Personal hygiene


Getting meals and drinks ready

Reminding you about prescription medicines

Getting groceries for you

Taking you out to socialise, for example a lunch club or bingo

Help you get ready for bed at night

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What about home help?

Home help differs from homecare and means someone to take care of chores around the property that you may require assistance with like:

Housework and changing bed linen

Washing up



Perhaps you’ll decide that you need elements of both types of home care and home help. Most councils don’t provide funding for home help, but you can contact charities like the Royal Voluntary Service, the British Red Cross or your local Age UK branch to see if they could help.

How to get help at home from paid caregivers

Your local council can organize homecare for you if you’re eligible for it.

You can organise your own homecare.

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