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Maximising the potential of your extension

August 25, 2020 2:46 pm


The kitchen is the heart of the home. If this is something you subscribe to, having a large, welcoming space is the dream. Open-plan has become synonymous with modern living, and an extension can help to make this a reality.

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Whether you have a modern or period property, investing in the kitchen and extending can add value to your home. Oak extensions, in particular, are currently very popular. If you can’t build out, remodelling your existing space and combining rooms is another effective option.

Give yourself storage space

Plenty of storage is key to making your space work for you without looking cluttered. This does not have to mean everything is hidden away; instead, it is about having a place for everything and returning everything to its place. Make sure the things you use regularly are easy to reach.

Add warmth with your materials

Contemporary white units are very popular; however, they can look a little clinical and lacking in warmth. Break up the white with exposed brick walls or wooden beams in your extension, such as one of the Timberpride oak extensions. In addition to warmth and texture, this will add character to your décor.

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Build into a side return

Using space at the side is useful if you have a detached or semi-detached house, as there is no loss of garden. Don’t forget access, and beware going too close to a neighbour’s boundary. For terraces where the kitchen is often at the back of the house with space to the side, extending into this space – the side return – can create a kitchen the full width of the house. You could even wrap around the house if space allows for a real statement L-shaped kitchen/living space.

Let there be light

Sliding patio doors out onto the garden help to blur the line between inside and out. Where this isn’t possible, consider how you might be able to let natural light into the extension. A popular option is skylight windows overhead, with electrical lights also important. Think about the zones; for example, cooking areas will need functional lighting. Pendants overhead are a good choice, with adjustable lights helping to create the mood.

Whatever you decide to do with your extension, consider how you and your family will use the space and ensure it works for you all.

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