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How to choose an event speaker

June 17, 2020 10:21 am


If you have been tasked with selecting speakers for corporate events, an annual conference or special event, it can feel like a huge responsibility as the success of the event may rest on your shoulders. Choosing the ‘right’ speaker can mean the difference between attendees hailing your success or forever being remembered as picking a real dud.

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If you have more freedom with your budget, then you may consider hiring a guest speaker. If your event is not too industry specific, then you can use the guest speaker to convey wider themes and messages and they can be more general in their appeal, such as motivational speakers. For a top Motivational Speaker UK, visit a site like https://www.adventureman.org/conference-speaker-uk/motivational-speaker-uk/

These are topics that are important for every business such as:

Leadership skills

Dealing with change


Stress management

Conflict resolution

Customer service

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Here are some useful things to consider when researching a guest speaker:

Why are you all coming together and what is the purpose? What knowledge is it that companies want people to leave with after they attend the event?

What kind of presentation would work for your events, would you open or close with the speaker? How long do you want them to talk?

What type of speaker is best for your event? There are celebrity speakers who will provide entertainment and then there are professional speakers who can provide specific expertise. Which one will be most suitable for your event theme? Think about personality in your business and make sure that there will be a match between them and the character of the speaker.

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