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Women who played important roles in medical history

December 1, 2020 5:16 am


Given a history that has generally overlooked the influence of women in fields such as law, medicine, politics and teaching, women throughout history have long been a force for good in all of these fields. Here are some examples of truly inspirational people who have paved the way for others to make similar contributions to improving the lives of men, women and kids everywhere. You could join them by looking at Nursing Agency Stroud based operation Take 5 Healthcare.

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About Metrodora

Metrodora, dating back to ancient times, was an Egyptian doctor who wrote what is believed to be the earliest medical text written by a woman. It was written about women’s diseases and remedies and was used and translated until the Middle Ages for several decades. While her name never made it to any of the history books, in ancient times her work would have had a huge influence on many drug activities.

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About Elizabeth Blackwell

The first female doctor in the United States was Elizabeth Blackwell. She persevered and became the first female graduate in 1849, despite finding it nearly difficult to attend medical school, being turned away from all but one and even recognising her by accident in what was considered a joke.


About Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale needs no introduction, and the ‘lady with the lamp’ isĀ  already famously established. Thanks to her courage and perseverance while dealing with wounded soldiers in the Crimean War during the 19th century, she is credited with being the pioneer of modern nursing. She worked diligently to improve wounded people’s hygiene and treatment, as well as to train 38 other nurses. During the war, and back in the hospital where she served, she and her fellow nurses greatly reduced the death rates.

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