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How to boost your child’s confidence in the water

July 31, 2022 6:18 am


There is nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than going for a swim. As soon as the body gets into the water, it is possible to feel a flood of well-being and fortitude. This feeling is further enhanced with the knowledge that you are a confident swimmer. It’s also one of the best things for a child, not only from a positive mental health point of view but also from one of safety. So If your child can swim, even just a little way, it can save their life, or maybe someone else’s.

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Learning to swim is an exciting time for any child, but it can also be filled with fear. You must approach swimming with them in the right way, and getting them into Liverpool Children swimming Lessons like the ones offered by www.swim.co.uk/baby/venues/liverpool-south is a great place to start. Formal swimming lessons like this help children to feel confident in the water and also teach them all the skills they need to stay safe in the water and enjoy swimming. There are also a number of things that you can do as a parent to help boost their confidence in the water.

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Show confidence – Get in the pool with them if you can swim. Let them stay in the shallow end so that you can swim about and show them how fun and satisfying it is to do. This should inspire them to do more extraordinary things if they see an adult engaging in the sport.

Make it fun – Although swimming is a serious business with regard to it being a great life skill, you should try and point out the fun you can have in the pool. Don’t be afraid of a bit of splashing.

Instil safety – However, you need to ensure the fun has boundaries. Water is a great place to be, but you have to have some sense of yourself and not take things too far; otherwise, someone could get hurt.

Take your time – Don’t rush your new learner. Instead, they are taking their first steps into a big wide, watery world. The whole visit, from having to get changed and find a locker etc., can be a very overwhelming experience to the youngster, and you want them to feel like they enjoy all of it.

Floating is fun – You’re not looking to raise the next Adam Peaty or Ellie Simmonds, so they don’t need to be doing front crawls as fast as possible.

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