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Things to Know When Specifying a Vacuum Conveyor

March 16, 2022 3:21 pm


The vacuum conveying system has a distinctive starting point and a targeted point where the material needs to be transferred. It is mostly used for the transportation of powders. Vacuum or negative pressure is used in this process which is the main advantage of a vacuum conveyor. There are lots to learn when it comes to vacuum conveyors and as much when it comes to conveyancing solicitor quotes from Sam Conveyancing who can provide a raft of services including help to buy repayments.  Isn’t it funny how one word can make something so different?  It is mainly used when a bulk of powder material is to be conveyed. You should know the following things for the selection of the right vacuum conveyor.

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Know your bulk density:

First of all, know about your bulk density. It is expressed in grams per cubic centimeters (g/cc). You can calculate or estimate the size of the conveying line and the amount of vacuum for running the line. The velocity of the line is also calculated after knowing bulk density.

Know your conveying distance:

Distance is another important factor to know. Sweep elbows are used in the conveyor system which can increase the distance largely. The vacuum conveyor should have a smaller path. Hence, you have to try to lower the number of elbows in line to lessen the distance.

Know the characteristics of your bulk material:

To know the characteristics of bulk such as size and shape is necessary for installing the right filter assembly for mass or funnel flow distribution. Different materials have different characteristics and demands for different filters for safety purposes.

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Know how you receive the raw materials:

There are different ways of injecting the material to process. You have to clearly mention the method you would like to follow to put the material into the process. In this way, you will get the best vacuum conveyor designed for your applications.


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