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Pullover v zip-up hoodie: features and benefits

September 6, 2021 2:38 pm


The hoodie has been around in one form or another for the last 50 years and it doesn’t appear that this trend will die out any time soon. The comfort, versatility and casualness of the hoodie make it one of the most popular fashion items today.

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Everyone seems to have at least one of these fashion essentials in their wardrobe, but whether a pullover or zip-up is better is open for debate. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of both so that you can make your own decision:


A pullover is exactly what you would expect – it is pulled over the head. Pullover hoodies tend to be warmer than zip-ups because there is no metal and no zip for the wind to penetrate. Many people find these more comfortable than a zip-up; however, they can be more difficult to wear and you are more likely to mess up your hair when you pull them on and off. Pullover mens Superdry hoodies are a classic look and many people like them for this reason.

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A zip-up, unsurprisingly, has a zip at the front. Zip-up hoodies, such as mens Superdry hoodies, can have kangaroo pockets; alternatively, they can have one pocket on each side in the style of a traditional jacket. The zip can make it easier to get it on and off than a pullover and although it may not keep you as warm, it can be easier to layer. This not only makes it a great way to keep warm but also means that you can take layers off if you get too hot. Zip-up hoodies are not as iconic in appearance as the pullover, which makes them less popular with some hoodie fans.


Both styles of hoodie have their advantages, whether you are going for a walk on a cold winter’s day or sitting in a pub beer garden on a warm summer’s evening. Which one you wear is a personal choice; in fact, many people have both types in their wardrobe so that they have a choice depending on the weather, their mood, and what they want to wear their hoodie with.

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